The Rotary Club of Lititz announces the cancellation of its 2020-2021 Travelogue season.


The combination of the unavailability of the Warwick High School auditorium and the Travelogue presenters requesting that they appear virtually, instead of in-person, has caused the Rotary Club to cancel its upcoming Travelogue season. We, at Rotary, understand the challenges faced by both the Warwick School District and our Travelogue presenters in dealing with Covid-19 restrictions. Further, we do not want any of our loyal patrons to be introduced to the Covid-19 virus by attending a Travelogue presentation.


We intend to resume our annual Travelogue program in the fall of 2021 (our 58th year), if circumstances are such that our patrons, and all involved in making the Travelogue series available to the Lititz community, will be safe.


Attendance at our Travelogue series helps the Rotary Club of Lititz support more than 30 non-profit serve groups each year, as well as providing college loans and scholarships to many local students.



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